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Gian Recital

 Gian Recital:
Game Description: Gian wants to bring the house down with his ear bursting music in this doraemon game. Your job is to hit all the notes with your mouse to help him get better at singing.
How to play: Mouse

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Doraemon Gift Box

 Doraemon Gift Box:
Game Description: Doraemons are jumping out of the gift box with different dress-up and expressions. Pick out the one that is different from others! Be quick and have fun!
How to play: Mouse click the one that is different from others!

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Doraemon Hindi Ending Song

Doraemon Hindi Ending Song: enjoy Doraemon song.

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Doraemon and his friends.

Doraemon is a cat-like robot from the 22nd century of the future. His favorite food is dorayaki, a sweet bean paste filled bun, and his birthday is 2112-9-3 he is also know by the name "Ding-dong". He weighs 129.3 kg, is 129.3 cm tall, can leap 129.3 cms in the air and can run 129.3 km per hour. He is afraid of mice and hates rats, his ears were eaten off by rats. He has a fourth-dimensional pocket on his abdomen from which he can take out many amazing
tools. Doraemon was sent back to the 20th century because Nobita's grandson can't bear to see his grandfather suffer. So he sent Doraemon to help out with Nobita's troubles.

Nobita Nobi, he is the main character in the story. He is the MAIN charcter in the story, as oppose to Doraemon and everybody else. Anyway, he is a pretty irresponsible boy. He gets 0's on his tests, and that really hinders his chances of getting hooked up with Shizuka. In the future, Nobita and Shizuka are set to be married, but it seems like Shizuka is too good for Nobita. Strangely Nobita always seems to interrupt Shizuka while she is taking a bath. Well anyway, whenever he falls into some kind of trouble, he always wants Doraemon to get him out of it.

Dorami is the little sister of Doraemon. The only reason she is not blue is because she didn't have her ears bitten off by rats. She looks a lot like Doraemon, don't you think? Dorami has all the abilities that Doraemon has, including the fourth dimensional pocket. She is nice and not as grouchy as Doraemon. She does not live with Nobita and Doraemon. She lives with the original master of Doraemon in the 22nd century. She only appears in situations that Doraemon cannot control.

She is the only main girl character in the comic. She is liked by all the boys, especially Nobita, Jyian, Suneo, and. Of course it doesn't matter because she's set to marry Nobita in the future, of course she doesn't know that, yet.... Shizuka LOVES to take baths, about every ten minutes that she's at home. She has a very kind heart, very forgiving person. She is a very good student, always getting very good grades, unfortunately her future husband always gets zeros.

Honekawa Suneo is a fox-faced creep. He lies and cheats his way through life. He is quite bright, if you watch the videos you'll see his knowledge is pretty extraordinary. He is cheap and spoiled, so he has almost anything he wants, but he wants Doraemon to live with him and give himself some much needed stuff. His best friend is Jyian. He loves to pick on Nobita and get him into trouble, he has a secret crush on Shizuka. Though he is a braggert and a snob, his true kindness really stands out in some of the Doraemon videos . Of course eventually he goes back to his old ways.

Gouda Takeshi is the bully of the pack. He is tough and strong and has a terrible singing voice. He and Suneo are always picking on Nobita, he is often jealous of Nobita and Suneo because of all the things they get. So he oftens just steals their stuff and tortures them. He loves to read comic books, and his grades are terrible, though not as bad as Nobita's. He is always getting into trouble like Nobita.

Doraemon Nobita's Space Story

Nobita has been having a weird dream about a boy named Roppel and his strange companion Chami traveling in space. By a twist of fate, he met them in person where it turns out that they are real and that they were being pursued in space, causing their space vehicle to malfunction, connecting the space vehicle itself with Nobita's room. They journeyed to Roppel's planet and amidst their enjoyment, Nobita and Doraemon pledged to help Roppel's planet free from their

Doraemon Hindi Ending Song

Doraemon a popular television programs for children around the world with thousands of games available for your small character Doraemon. All about Doraemon games for all genres for young people discover their passion.

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Forever Samurai

Forever Samurai:

Game Description:An intense fighting game with an innovative combat system. You play as a timeless samurai hunted by giant metal beasts, he must cut his way through a soulless army of steel to earn back his freedom.

How to play:Use the arrow or W,A,S,D keys to move, mouse to attack. Practice to master the special attacks and fight your way to freedom. 
play game at:

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Doraemon Restaurant

Game Description: Help doraemon feed the customers in the restaurant. You will have to bring the customer's orders in the order in which they asked. A good memory will be helpful in this doraemon game.
How to play: Use the mouse to play the game

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Dorami sister of Doraemon

Dorami (born on 2 December 2114),-chan, is the sister of Doraemon. She is yellow and has ears that resemble a large red bow. She happens to be about 2 years younger than Doraemon. Strangely enough, they are siblings due to the fact that they shared half of the oil from a can. She lives in the 22nd-century Tokyo with Sewashi. She sometimes visits Nobita with a time machine when Doraemon is "off-duty" or to help Doraemon with something. She likes melonpan and is afraid of cockroaches. She is also shown to be a more advanced robot than Doraemon (Dorami is able to produce 10,000 horse power, in comparison to Doraemon's 129.3). Different from her malfunctioned brother, she's the smartest student during her school time, and has better skills in using gadgets. She also has her own spin-off manga. Her boyfriend is Dora-the-Kid of The Doraemons.

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Fierce Fighter

Fierce Fighter:
Flash side scrolling fighting game. You, Bruce Lee, have to fight your way through the enemy land full of Samurai warriors and their bosses. The yellow line means murderous look and will increase when you hit your enemy. Once the word Skill appears, you can use Tullong feet, and when word Kill appears you can use the mouse murderous action.

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Game Description: Train to become a true FreeLancer in this Ninja side-view fighting game. Build up your abilities as you defeat your foes! As you go through your training you will unlock abilities, these are just steps in becoming a true fighter. When unlocking a key the corresponding letter will light up on the bottom of your screen. There are blue, red and white bars on the "menu" near the bottom of the screen. The blue bar shows the number of shurikens your holding (Max 4) as you kill more enemies the bar will slowly replenish. The white bar shows your % of energy you have gathered. When you unlock the "Q" key, use this key to replenish your energy (hold "Q" down). The red bar is your health, when it runs out you will die.
How to play: Left and Right Arrow Keys- To Move. Slash Attack: Down Arrow key- Slash Attack. Right Arrow Key- Teleport.

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Doraemon Bowling

 Doraemon Bowling:

If you want to play Doraemon Bowling games online you have come to the right place! Gamesloon adds new Doraemon Bowling games every week. This is your game portal where you can find the biggest collection of free Doraemon Bowling games online.
Game Description: Doraemon has invited you to play bowling with him. See if you can get a higher score than him. 
How to play: Use Mouse to interact. 

Doraemon And Nobita Revenge

Doraemon And Nobita Revenge:

A detailed description of the game Doraemon and Nobita - revenge online. Rules how to play the game online Avenge Nobite for a fact that he'll beat up on the street. While he sleeps razrisuy his pen, but do it so that you could not see the teacher. Otherwise, you will receive a reprimand and expel from the lesson. It may even cause parents to school

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Power Rangers Samurai Deep Sea Defense

Power Rangers Samurai Deep Sea Defens: 

Game Description: Help Power Rangers kills all the shark in the deep sea and defeats the boss of them.
How to play: use the Z key to attack
Movies video games:


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Doraemon Rage Cart

Doraemon Rage Cart: 

Discover Doraemon Rage Cart game online, Doraemon is good at riding cart, even on the rugged road. let's follow him and enter his crazy world! , Play for free the top online Racing Games.

play game at:

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Pokemon Great TD

Pokemon Great TD Game:
The wild pokemon has gathered around professor Oak lab and is on a attack toward it. You,as the pokemon trainer, will have to help defend the lab using your limited choice of pokemon to fight those wild one. Each of your pokemon has its own ability and strength. So use them wisely and kill all the wild pokemon.
 Participate in the game to prove you are a talented Pokemon trainer. good luck !
play game at:

The Doraemon Adventures

The Doraemon Adventures:
The Doraemon will go on an adventure to count the numbers of wild animals. Game in which you want to investigate the wonders of animals on the island, more animals will come out in the higher levels. What kind of magical animals can be found on this island!

Let i know about the story doraemon

Doraemon (ドラえもん, Doraemon) is a Japanese manga series by Fujiko Fujio author was composed in 1969 with the original purpose for the children's ages. The work was later adapted into animated short episodes long and dramatic genres such as electronic games. The series is about a robotic cat named Doraemon comes from the 22nd century to help a 4th grade boy named Nobi Nobita clumsy. Doraemon stories often witty concise easy to understand and take an optimistic view of the future life as well as the development of scientific - technical. Doraemon has won numerous awards in Japan and comics TIME Asia magazine named one of 22 prominent figures in Asia. Since its creation is not only seen as Doraemon character and comic favorite top in Japan it became a cultural icon of the country and the children all over the world love . Doraemon Fujiko Fujio's works is the pseudonym of both manga artist Hiroshi Fujimoto and Motoo Abiko. The series was first launched in December 1969 for the readers of kodomo (children). From what the author was thinking while Hiroshi is the subject of a new comic character, he suddenly saw his daughter playing with a tumbler when he suddenly came up with the idea of ​​creating a new character shape combination of a cat with a haste that is the shape of the character Doraemon nay.Tu 1973 after the series was released more than two magazines and Shogaku Rokunensei Shogaku Gogensei. The story is different every magazine synonymous with author writing a story at least every 6 months. Since 1974, the story was little Doraemon began gathering the stories in thickness from 1974 to 1996 a total of 45 such stories to life. 1977 manga magazine CoroCoro Comic was born as a journal of Doraemon. The original manga Doraemon movies were also released in CoroCoro Comic. 2005 Shogakukan has released five episode series named Doraemon manga to add to the story in episode 45 of the original. Since 1987 the authors Hiroshi and Motoo not shared pen name Fujiko F. Fujio, while Mr. Fujimoto's only Doraemon creator Fujiko F. with pen Fujio. Fujimoto Even after his death in 1996 the short film and comic Doraemon long movie continues to be released and consumed in Japan. Up until 1999 there were about 100 million files Doraemon sold in Japan alone (approximately 1.5 to 2 million units sold per year) in addition there are 1,700 short episodes are broadcast (from 1979 ) and 21 episodes released long (since 1980) with cinema audiences to up to 63 million times. After Janpan Doraemon world has been released in many other countries around the world and have become a comic book character fans especially in Asia. Most countries began issuing Doraemon native language from the early 1990s. In some countries such as Thailand, Hong Kong and Vietnam are fans of the series since I was not yet released in the form of copyright. The main character Doraemon Doraemon doll and some doll Rosetta unlucky and lucky doll Dolls Doraemon robot orchestra and a robot orchestra machine cat is 22 century September 3, 2112 high 129 , 3 cm weight 129.3 kg, was afraid of mice and can run at a speed of 129.3 km / h when the rats have to pay with her girlfriend's cat Mimi, his sister is Doraemi you have clumsy Nobita In The first episode Doraemon shaped asymmetrical head close to her but then more balanced with a curvaceous body even hands well rounded and therefore always lose in the game rock, paper, scissor Nobita. The cat is also highlighted with blue skin and yellow bell red nose. Although known as a perfect machine of the future, but becomes adorable Doraemon because of his imperfections. Doraemon likes donuts Dorayaki and often invite people usually eat bread to convince Rosetta loan should pay frequent Doraemon and Nobita for help when encountering emergency care cat feverishly always draw the wrong security context. But with the magic bag with the security context of the 22 century and is the most endearing spunk still friends Doraemon Nobita savior for humanity even at the risk of his and meaningful than the current platform University encourages young readers to dream and dream like. for the benefit of the community for the future of children. but we have created Doraemon game genre to our site you will have some leisure time significantly enhance their creativity. our page collection of games and genres Draemon gives you the creative games like Samurai. Sudoku ... All about Doraemon games for all genres for young people discover their passion, all free games doraemon the website:

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Doraemon and The Bad Dogs

Doraemon and The Bad Dogs 
Doraemon was kidnapped by an army of dogs instruct robots for defense and attack. Cover this adventure game is to help the hero Doraemon to rescue Nobita.
The adventure began and have to be careful as you make your way to each level and how dogs stay away from evil.
Use your intelligence and need to do each step carefully because otherwise you will fail in an attempt to save on Doraemon.

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Samurai Autumn

Samurai Autumn Game:
Blast your way through the autumn forest crushing enemies and stacking combos!
Combos of GREAT MAGNITUDE! The dark creatures of the deep forest are gathering in hordes...
Don't go down without a FIGHT!
Samurai Autumn is a running action/platformer featuring 12 stages, 4 boss battles and upgrades!
Stack combos by jumping on multiple enemies in succession. Power your blade with Sun Flowers and
unleash a furious storm of energy blasts.
This brave samurai is on high alert. Demons try to seize this forest. You must help him cope with all these enemies. Destroy any opponent. You have a swords that gets its strength from the sun. Be very careful not to fall off the platform. Use your three lives. Do not let the demons conquer the mystical forest.

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Doraemon Tank Attack

Doraemon Tank Attack:
Get into your tank and destroy every one who comes towards your castle. Use power ups and much more and dont let them destroy the castle.
 Use arrow keys to move. Use space bar to shoot and place mines and special powers. Save your castle by destroying all enemies tanks.
play game at:

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Doraemon Motorcycle

Doraemon Motorcycle game:

 Doraemon Super Ride is a new cartoon fun riding game.Help you cartoon friend Doraemon in taking a ride .On the path you will get many difficulties overcome and move to the next level collecting the points.

Select your favorite bike to take ride with Doraemon. In the Doraemon Super ride you must try to keep your bike under control and balanced so you can race to the end of each level.  Choose to ride a motorcycle or ATV and use it to conquer all of the crazy obstacles.

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Doraemon Dinosaur

Doraemon Dinosaur game:
Game Description: Doraemon characters are hidden all over the map among the dinosaurs. Can you find out all of them. Click on the arrow shaped green keys to move around the map.
How to play: Mouse
Doraemon a popular television programs for children around the world with thousands of games available for your small character Doraemon. Nobita games free to play games such as Doraemon in scooters, King Kong vs Doraemon, Doraemon and time machine ...! All about Doraemon games for all genres for young people discover their passion, all free games doraemon

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The Samurai Game® was created by George Leonard in 1977 to simulate a life and death battle that mimics the unfairness and unpredictability of the business world and life.
In this battle, the participants are asked to adopt an attitude of service that is at the core of being a Samurai - service to teammates (clan), service to leader (daimyo), service to code and values (bushido) and service to the opponent, by bringing out the best of self to every contest.

Honor is the most precious thing of a true samurai. If you fail a certain task or violates the Bushido thought they would commit suicide. Typically, the samurai seppuku method used. They took a small knife and cut his gut. Then, a person standing next to them to finish the beheading ritual seppuku.

Bushido seppuku existed before. According to the description of the western world, this is a form, to the samurai ritual atonement possible. When you do something that the family, the employer, embarrassed themselves, they will seppuku to regain his honor and proud of it in the last moments of his life.

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Raichu Ride

    Raichu Ride
Drive as Raichu on a motorbike through some nice exciting levels. Try not to fall and help Raichu to get to the finish.
A detailed description of Raichu Ride game online. How to play new games online for people who love cartoons and good fun to drive machine. Try as neat as possible to complete all the levels and do not break on the way. Also you will need to do all kinds of spectacular stunts you can get bonus points. This game will please the eye nice 2D graphics which will accompany you throughout the game.

Doraemon Games Movies Video at youtube

Doraemon is running on a deadly road with food all around. Reach the destination and win the game.
How to play: Spacebar
Movies video games at :

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Doraemon and The King Kong

Nobita has been kidnapped and Doraemon needs to find the exit door to rescue him. Use arrow keys to move and space bar to shoot the enemy. To fly, keep up arrow key presse
Doraemon a popular television programs for children around the world with thousands of games available for your small character Doraemon. Nobita games free to play games such as Doraemon in scooters, King Kong vs Doraemon, Doraemon and time machine ...! All about Doraemon games for all genres for young people discover their passion, all free games doraemon the website: Doraemongame