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Doraemon and Pokémon

Doraemon and Pokemon

In Japan, Doraemon and Pokemon are cultural icons are numerous Japanese favorite, image robotic cat Doraemon and Pikachu Pokémon lovely (the main character of Pokémon) appeared in manga, anime and more other media. But in Europe and the United States, only a picture of Pikachu is widely known to Western youth are mostly children Doraemon Asian countries fans. The first reason to explain this difference is due to appear in Doraemon many aspects of Japanese culture in particular and the East in general as Tet, close ties in the family for generations, such as the relationship between Nobita with parents, grandparents, this can be easily understood by children of Asian countries but it is difficult to collect for children living in Western cultures which have many differences. The second reason is due to children's western, especially American children often have favorite comic character is the hero or the strong, decisive as Batman or-Men, so as Satoshi characters (Pikachu's owner) will easily reach the readers as characters rather than clumsy, weak as clumsy boy Nobita. The difference between Satoshi and distance Nobita is 30 years of Japanese culture in the 1970s and 1990s - the equivalent of a generation of Japanese, the author and the readers of the two series (Doraemon was born in 1969, Pokémon born 1995). is one of the most concentrated sites but Doaremon Games category and Pikachu. You will be brought to unleash new games to discover new and very attractive appropriate for all ages.