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The Samurai Game® was created by George Leonard in 1977 to simulate a life and death battle that mimics the unfairness and unpredictability of the business world and life.
In this battle, the participants are asked to adopt an attitude of service that is at the core of being a Samurai - service to teammates (clan), service to leader (daimyo), service to code and values (bushido) and service to the opponent, by bringing out the best of self to every contest.

Honor is the most precious thing of a true samurai. If you fail a certain task or violates the Bushido thought they would commit suicide. Typically, the samurai seppuku method used. They took a small knife and cut his gut. Then, a person standing next to them to finish the beheading ritual seppuku.

Bushido seppuku existed before. According to the description of the western world, this is a form, to the samurai ritual atonement possible. When you do something that the family, the employer, embarrassed themselves, they will seppuku to regain his honor and proud of it in the last moments of his life.