Thứ Sáu, 14 tháng 6, 2013

Samurai Autumn

Samurai Autumn Game:
Blast your way through the autumn forest crushing enemies and stacking combos!
Combos of GREAT MAGNITUDE! The dark creatures of the deep forest are gathering in hordes...
Don't go down without a FIGHT!
Samurai Autumn is a running action/platformer featuring 12 stages, 4 boss battles and upgrades!
Stack combos by jumping on multiple enemies in succession. Power your blade with Sun Flowers and
unleash a furious storm of energy blasts.
This brave samurai is on high alert. Demons try to seize this forest. You must help him cope with all these enemies. Destroy any opponent. You have a swords that gets its strength from the sun. Be very careful not to fall off the platform. Use your three lives. Do not let the demons conquer the mystical forest.